Some days the Internet makes me sad.

Some people on youtube are dumber than a sack of bricks. Seriously. 

The video itself is fucking wrong. The pill was not stopped by feminists. Feminists support male contraceptives. That pill (Gossypol) he’s talking about was stopped because of severe side effects: hypokalemia (low potassium levels) and irreversible infertility (due to damage to the testes). His shitty pill didn’t work so he can stop blaming women now. 

Here are some gems with GRAMMAR PROBLEMS preserved, because not only are these idiots, these are idiots who can’t spell or form proper sentences:

  • "What makes me, intending to be an egalitarian and humanist, be in the MRM is, we lack a "matriarchy" universal power structure theory as an excuse to blame femininity for world’s suffering and ignore things like 85% of the opposite sex living on the streets, having 77% more cancer, which is 85% more deadly and still having less funding, etc.” 

Really? First saying you’re about “equality” then saying “let’s blame women” does not fucking work. Those are opposites. And why is it women’s fault that the government (mostly controlled by men) isn’t funding these things? 

  • "while women make up less than18%of congress they make up 65% of the voting population(or did you forget that part)and as far as women in congress the men there are mainly sock puppets for the feminist/womenvoters"

Oh, I’m sure that’s why so many bills limiting/banning abortion have been passed.

  • "Feminists oppose it because they know that sex and reproduction are their chief power in society."

This is just straight up fucked up. Imagine someone saying, “I have so much power. I can pop out babies. Also I can have sex.” Anyone can have sex. And someone telling me that my main power in society is giving birth is messed up.

  • "Feminists don’t want sexual equality."

This is a major focus of feminism today. And tell me when women have sexual superiority. I’d like to see that. It’s not like women who have sex get judged or shamed or anything.

  • "well who was worst? adam who ate the fruit eve brought to him or eve the one who knew she just fucked up and brought it to him anyway? women need to be under control. that is why they walking all out in public with the cracks off their ass showing in leggings and tight jeans. the lack of control over women truly disgustsing."

This misogyny disgusts me. So does the spelling and grammar. This whole “controlling women” thing is fucked up.

  • "So you make a law (like the ones we already have in the US) that require warnings. Let men decide if the risks are worth it or not."
He wants a medication with severe side effects to be allowed on the market as long as there’s a warning. THAT IS NOT HOW THE FDA OR CLINICAL TRIALS WORK!
  • "Whats great is that this protein is that its unique to sperm and will not effect anything else in the body. It has no side effects. When tested on mice, when the mice were no longer given the pill the males became fertile again in a very short period of time."

Yeah totally wrong. In mice, the drug killed a lot of support cells (saw a journal article, too lazy to re-find it). No side effects in mice? Oh because drugs tested in animals ALWAYS have the EXACT same effect in people. High rates of permanent infertility, testicular damage, and hypokalemia sure sound like no side effects in people to me. 

I am tired of replying to these dumbasses. I only responded in the first place because of the problematic science in the video/description. So this changed the subject from “OMG FEMINISTS ARE NAZIS WHO STEAL OUR BIRTH CONTROL BECAUSE THEY WANT TO FORCE US TO HAVE BABIES!!!1!” to “FEMINISTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING WRONG!!1!1”

I hate people. 

The future you have tomorrow won’t be the same future you had yesterday. — Chuck Palahniuk 

I’m annoyed.

Basically there’s a court case going on about the legality of federal funding of stem cell research and I’m kind of annoyed by the people who are trying to stop it. I’m doing research in a stem cell lab so I strongly support it. The rest of this will mostly be me explaining/complaining. Also I’m trying to procrastinate from studying. Just warning you.

So embryonic stem cells are made entirely in a lab. A sperm fertilizes an egg and forms a blastocyst, which is basically a clump of cells. Embryonic stem cells can be found inside that blastocyst and can be harvested within 4-5 days of fertilization. After embryonic stem cells are harvested, they can be cultured and grown and then used in labs all over the world for different experiments to try to understand different diseases and find cures. They’ve already started two trials to cure paralysis and another one for a type of macular dystrophy that kills most children within a year of being born. It really pisses me off when some people throw a bitch fit and try to stop research to cure a disease they don’t even have. Who are they to stop someone from being able to walk again? There are also induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, which can be created using only cells from adult cells from an individual by forcing certain genes to be expressed, but there still needs to be a lot more research comparing these cells to embryonic stem cells. Eventually, iPS cells could be used for treatment instead, and in theory they would be better than embryonic stem cells because there wouldn’t be donor rejection. 

So basically I’m sad that stem cell research is being blocked right now. And slightly pissed. Oh and also the second trial for curing paralysis involves using stem cells taken from aborted fetuses (which is not where embryonic stem cells come from). So I guess that’s recycling. People who oppose abortion should encourage better sex ed. If you don’t teach kids about condoms and other birth control methods and shit then don’t be surprised when you get a grandkid or two early.

The Four Loko ban is stupid.

I don’t see why the government is banning it. Sure it’s unsafe but so is any other substance when consumed in excess. If people drink like 5 Four Lokos then duh! Of course they’re going to get alcohol poisoning. It’s like if someone drank an entire 30 rack of beer by themselves or an entire handle of vodka and then was surprised when they passed out. Any excessive amount of alcohol can do that. Or that girl who crashed her SUV, it was because of the alcohol. The only reason it got excessive news coverage is because it was Four Loko. She would have done the same thing if she’d been drinking any other kind of alcohol. People do stupid shit but it’s not the government’s job to regulate it. People need to start taking responsibility for themselves instead of expecting someone else to do it. End of rant.