Best swag of Comic Con.

Best swag of Comic Con.

SDCC 2013

4 Days with Preview Night.

Fuck. Yes. 

I’m god of the wetness. — Kellan Lutz (on playing Poseidon in Immortals)

Colin Farrell just showed his butt to this whole hall



Over 6000 people. I was one of them. 

As much as I love the show, I’m fine I missed this panel. The line was insane. I did talk to a girl who went and got an autograph but she got in line at 7 AM. The panel started at 5:30 PM. Not worth it for me.

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I have enough posters to build a small house.

So much free shit.

Bitches Be Crazy

First of all, I’d like to say that most of the people at Comic Con are really nice. There are a few crazy ones. Mostly women. And none of the crazy bitches were in costumes. People in costumes are generally pretty friendly and like posing in pictures with people. 

There are a surprising number of crazy bitch Glee fans. Like holy shit. These girls have problems. They had a Glee signing at the Fox booth and during the signing people could walk around the booth and take pictures because most people didn’t get tickets for the signing. It was the biggest shitshow I have ever seen. My sister and I ended up in that clusterfuck of people. Security tried to keep everyone moving, but there were just so many damn people that it got stopped up. These crazy girls behind me kept fucking shoving me screaming how everyone should just start pushing even though there was no room for anyone to move. I kept yelling at them to stop fucking pushing because the cast would be there for an entire hour anyways so there would be plenty of time to move past the booth, but the bitch behind me kept fucking elbowing me in the back and taunting me until I shouted at her to calm her tits. I was really damn tempted to fight her. I would have definitely won. She’s fucking stupid because her face was at my elbow level. 

But in the end, I won. My sister and I ended up wandering into the standby line and getting Glee autographs. I hit on talked to Darren Criss about StarKids and asked if there would be a Very Potter Musical threequel and he said hopefully! And I did really hit on him and he was flattered. So that little shit can fucking suck it. 

Comic Con was awesome!

I went to a bunch of panels for movies and saw footage and the cast and here are my top four that I definitely want to see:

  • 30 Minutes or Less: Everyone in this movie is hilarious. 
  • Haywire: Gina Carano (an MMA fighter) beats the shit out of Michael Fassbender and Channing Tatum.
  • Immortals: Basically 300 on steroids.
  • Spiderman: I was 15 feet away from Andrew Garfield! He is so adorable with his Bambi eyes and fluffy hair. I want him. In my bed. Or wherever. And the footage looked really good. I like the casting a lot better than the old ones with Tobey Maguire. The acting seemed better too.